The Time...


Thumbs are fun...

Thumbs are fun...

THUMB WARS IX reveals the actual events of the final STAR WARS trilogy in EPIC style as only THUMBS truly can.


Finally, there will be a satisfying conclusion...

Not even a global pandemic could stop the epic, epic-y-ness of this legendary finale in the battle of good vs. evil, Fleshy vs. The Nail Side of the Thumb. 


Join Loke, Thumbray, Princess Bunhead, Thumblo Ren, Po Po, Pinn, Toes, Black Helmet Man, Ooby Doob Benubi, Crunchy and the entire gang as all of the wrongs are righted in this hilarious, startling, and worthy conclusion to the greatest Saga of all time.

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Feature Run Time:      98 minutes

Format:                        4K (3840 x 2160)

Category:                    Comedy/Animation/VFX Action-Adventure

Bonus Material           10 min Prequel Featurette

Tiniest Monkey           Pygmy Marmoset