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is about to EXPAND!

BREAKING NEWS: Hold onto your thimble, as a Major Studio has officially joined forces with Steve, landing as a momentous occasion in the history of THUMBS!

As part of this partnership, the THUMB WARS IX release will not land on May 4, 2023 as planned.
We love our fans and understand this may feel like a Thumb Saber to a tender spot, but the fusion of the studio's creative might and Steve's legendary vision will explode into a new, epically glorious WORLD OF THUMBS bringing even greater joy, insanity, and uproarious hilarity to the THUMBVERSE!

Astonishing Annoucements to Come!

"Yeah, says the guy who just pulled a film release..."

"Okay, but it wasn't on purpose..."

"Oh, like that helps..."

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Sign up and all shall be revealed..
to you first
.. you know,
before the other far less signed up people

Early Announcements, Reveals, Special Materials, Small Clay Cats, Time Travel...

You're in!

Who Are We
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Steve Oedekerk
Steve is an Italian Leprechaun who holds direct access to a pot of magical pasta. He is difficult to find, but if you do catch him, he has to divulge the location of the pot. Then if you are swift, cunning, and not easily tricked, you can gain the ultimate prize: Once consumed, the magical pasta will --TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET--TOP SECRET-- with both of your knees at a level that has never been witnessed.  You will be revered by all, content and fulfilled.

"There might be something wrong with him..."

                               - Everyone that meets Steve

O Jedi
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